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Medium Plush with DVD Assortment


Hopeful Heart Bear has a positive attitude and always looks on the bright side of life. She meets everyone with a smile and her optimism and warmth helps make the world a brighter place just like her belly badge– a glowing heart launching a rainbow of beaming rays!


There’s always something funny going on whenever Laugh-a-Lot Bear is nearby. This silly bear gets everything mixed up but turns her little misfortunes and mistakes into lots of laughter for others. Her belly badge shows who she really is - a star at giving others the giggles!

Brave Heart Lion

Brave Heart Lion is the kind and fearless leader of the Care Bear Cousins. Anytime someone in the Care Crew needs a little help or advice, its Brave Heart to the rescue — with a fun, witty phrase that always seems to sum up the situation perfectly!


The Care Bear Cousins might not even be the Care Crew if it weren’t for Bright Heart Raccoon – because he’s the one who brought them all together! Science is totally his thing — and he’s so smart that he rephrases things so everyone around him can understand. But that’s exactly what makes him so interesting and fun to be around! Bright Heart’s nickname in the Care Crew is “Brighto” because he’s always the brightest and most clever Cousin in the room!

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