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Bean Bag Plush Assortment


Share Bear is a friendly bear who knows how much fun it is to give some of her favourite things to others. She thinks that sharing is such a treat, she shows it with her belly badge - two heart shaped lollypops!

Bean Bag Plush Assortment


Funshine Bear is a playful bear who really knows how to have fun and make everyone laugh. Funshine Bear works hard to make sure others have a good time. "Enjoy each day" is Funshine's motto, and his belly badge - a smiling sun, shows it!

Bean Bag Plush Assortment


Champ Bear is a real sports star who loves fun, fitness and sharing his prizes with friends! Though he’s great at every sport he plays, he’s even better at teaching others that you always win when you’re a good sport! He even shows this with his belly badge—a golden trophy with a star.

Bean Bag Plush Assortment


A naturally good listener, Secret Bear is that special kind of faithful friend who you know will keep your secrets safe. Even her belly badge says, “your secret’s safe with me” – it’s a heart-shaped lock!

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