321 DRAW

Pick a thing – anything – to draw. Or if you’re up for a challenge roll the dice to make it harder. Then pick up your pen to start the pen-top timer and draw your thing for your team to guess before time runs out. 3, 2, 1… Draw!.

3 Inspiration Dice

If Stimulation is needed the Inspiration dice can be thrown to create some new ideas. It could be an elephant, car, rocket or anything else you can imagine! Once started, kids have to be fast at drawing and designated subject.

Guess before the time runs out!

Challenge friends or family to guess what you’ve sketched, but never forget that the sand timer attached to the Pipsqueak pen is counting down the seconds!

Wipe away and start again!

This game is a perfect travelling companion for kids on the go.

Hilarious fun for ages 6 and over, 3,2,1 Draw! Brings out the best in all amateur sketchers and doodlers.

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