Ink Washes from Skin and Clothes

Pip-Squeaks have washable ink that can be removed from most fabrics and surfaces with a damp sponge. The ink also washes off skin with simple soap.

Draw, Doodle, and Write

The Supertips Markers are Crayola’s top seller. They have a versatile tip that works well for drawing, colouring, and writing. Whether you create thick or thin lines, these tips will remain sharp and firm. Designed to a very high standard, Crayola marker pens have crush resisting nibs, easy to hold barrels and are designed to give smooth intense colour laydown.

Colours Won't Bleed

These markers won't bleed through most paper, so your original designs stay crisp and sharp. And the ink will remain fluid and smooth in uncapped markers for up to 24 hours.

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