Fungus AmungUs

Trap, squish and fling all your Funguys with the ExGERMinator! Pull the handle to activate the squish and squash track and see your Funguys get mangled in the machine! Then you can fling 'em away with the built-in flinger! Comes with loads of gross sounds! Includes ExGERMinator and exclusive Funguy.

Funugs AmungUs

Trap ‘em: Hold the ExGERMinator over your Funguys, pull back the handle and watch and hear them get sucked up!

Fungus AmungUs

Squish ’em: Hear you Funguys squelch and squirm as they get mangled on the Squish & Squash Roller.

Fungus AmungUs

Fling ‘em: When you’re ready, pull your Funguys out of the Capture Chamber, put them on the Funguy Flinger, take aim and fire!

The ExGerminator

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