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Make kite flying a breeze with Kite-a-Pult, the launchable transforming kite! This innovative pop-open kite includes a unique catapult launcher which allows kids to fly a kite without the help of someone else!

2 in 1 kite and gilder - remove the string and kite tail and launch as a fun glider!


Simply attach the launcher cords to the kite hooks, point into the wind, pull back and release, watching your kite launch up to 15m high into the sky for lots of kite-flying fun!


Kite-A-Pult comes in 3 different colours!

Kite A Pult
ATTENTION: Glider will fly in low wind conditions/Kite will only fly in steady wind of 10mph or greater. (Some practice is required to master launching and flying the kite.)