As the fast response craft, Thunderbird 1 is the perfect craft for reaching situations quickly. This diecast vehicle comes with retractable wings as well as a cool collector stand.

Designed for heavy lifting and demolition, Thunderbird 2 is the ideal craft for all rescue missions big or small. This TB2 diecast vehicle comes with folding wings and authentic deco's and measures 7cm.

When there's a situation in space, Thunderbird 3 answers the call. This diecast TB3 vehicle comes with a collector stand and authentic decos.

Underwater search and rescue is what Thunderbird 4 is designed for. This TB4 diecast vehicle comes with authentic decos and measures 6.5cm.

Thunderbird 5 is the communications and logistics hub for International Rescue. This TB5 diecast vehicles comes with a collector stand and authentic decos.

When International Rescue have a top secret mission, they call in their stealth jet Thunderbird S. This TBS diecast vehicle comes with a collector stand as well as authentic deco.

This spy vehicle is like no other and is the slickest of all International Rescue's vehicles. This FAB1 diecast vehicle measures 7cm and comes with authentic deco.

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