Scott Tracy

As the pilot of TB1, Scott Tracy is the first responder for any situation that the brothers might have to deal with. As the oldest and most experienced of the brothers, Scott is also the team leader and makes bold and decisive decisions. This articulated 9.5cm action figure comes with a helmet and jet pack accessories which are perfect for this fearless adventures. .

Virgil Tracy

The largest and strongest of the brothers, Virgil Tracy is the pilot of TB2. Tasked with demolition, heavy lifting and logistics, Virgil is highly skilled. This articulated 9.5cm action figure includes and helmet and shoulder light cannon accessories, which help Virgil with his missions.

Alan Tracy

Alan Tracy might be the youngest of the Tracy brothers but he’s a naturally gifted pilot, making him the perfect brother to pilot TB3 and to be an astronaut. Like any typical teenager, he loves to sleep almost as much as he loves his job and helping people. This articulated 9.5cm figure includes a helmet and magnetic panel accessories.

Gordon Tracy

Gordon Tracy is full of adventure and loves to have fun! Piloting TB4, Gordon is tasked with underwater search and rescue missions. This articulated 9.5 cm figure includes a helmet and re-breather accessories that are designed to help him complete and underwater tasks.


Kayo is the pilot of Thunderbird Shadow and handles all the stealth missions for International Rescue. She may be quiet and watchful but don't mis-judge her as she's a Kung Fu expert! This articulated 9.5cm figure includes a helmet and bespoke accessory.

John Tracy

John Tracy is pilot of TB5 and is charge of command communications and dispatch. This articulated 9.5cm action figure includes unique accessories that are designed for space environment. Accessories include an oxygen tank and helmet.

The Hood

The Hood is devious and always plotting to steal and exploit cutting edge technology, including the Thunderbirds vehicles! As a master of disguise, The Hood is able to maintain several alternative identities and possesses secrets unknown to the Tracy Brothers. This articulated 9.5cm figure comes with a seaquake device and stun gadget to help him with his devious plots.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is a physically imposing “anti-Brains" who is ruthless and highly unpredictable. He builds terrifying machines that are massive in scope and completely cutting-edge in design. He operates in the open, fearlessly and refuses to help anyone in his way. This 3.75" articulated figure comes complete with neuron driver and ion hammer accessories.

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