Recycling Policy


Vivid aims to be the most innovative, responsive and fun business in the toy and games market. We also strive to be a highly ethical, professional and caring business to our consumers, trade partners, team members and local community.

Recycling information

We ask that all reusable materials be recycled when the packaging is discarded and at the end of the product’s life. Please be responsible and avoid placing reusable materials in landfill. To help locate your nearest recycling facility go to (UK customers only). For more detailed instructions, read on.

Green Dot®

The Green Dot® is one of the most widely recognised packaging symbols across Europe and is currently displayed on over 460 billion packaging items. The logo signifies that the packaging producer has, in line with the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC) and the notion of producer responsibility, contributed financially to the sorting, recycling and recovery of their packaging once it becomes waste. In some European countries Green Dot signifies that there is a national green dot recovery system, however this is not the case in the United Kingdom.

Recycling Packaging

Most consumers are now all too well aware of the environmental benefits that come with recycling waste. Vivid makes every effort to construct packaging from materials that are able to be recycled. You can help by recycling the packaging in accordance with the scheme offered by local council. Most commonly this can all be collected at the kerbside, but there are also lots of designated sites to recycle cardboard and plastic, e.g. at supermarkets and libraries. Vivid’s plastic blisters are usually PET which can be recycled, and card and paper certainly can. The white-coloured ties used to attach our products are made of paper and can be recycled as such.

WEEE and Battery information

The Wheelie Bin symbol indicates that the product and the batteries must not be disposed of with other general household waste as they may contain elements which can have a harmful effects on people or the environment.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

When the product itself is marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol, it shows that this is a waste electrical item that should be disposed of in the electrical products section of your local recycling facility, and not with normal general household waste.

Electrical waste may be collected as part of kerbside collections, so please check with your local council to see what kerbside recycling services are offered where you live. Parts of the product (e.g. accessories) which do not have electronic components may be separated and recycled differently, but if in doubt, dispose of all of the actual product in the same way, except the batteries (see below).

Some of Vivid’s plush items are labelled, “Remove battery box before wash”. In this case, the battery box can be treated as electrical waste while the washable part of the product can be treated as textile.

When the product contains batteries, these should be removed, separated and recycled at the end of their life. Batteries contain unpleasant chemicals which could cause harm if swallowed, so for both safety and environmental reasons, it is best to remove them from the household and ensure that they are recycled. Batteries can sometimes be collected at the kerbside so please check with your local council to see what kerbside recycling services are offered where you live. It is common to be able to recycle them in collection bins at electrical retailers or supermarkets, or in the designated area at your local recycling facility.

Visit (UK customers only) to find your local, convenient, battery recycling point.

When removing batteries from the toy, always leave this to an adult and place them in a sealable container to take for recycling.

Occasionally some products are designed with batteries that can’t be replaced. In this case, try to open up the toy at the end of its life to see if the batteries can be sensibly separated for recycling, but always be careful and use suitable tools. If in doubt, treat the whole product as WEEE including the internal battery.

Our WEEE registration number is WEE/HG0042SY.


Vivid have chosen to partner with Comply Direct in the UK to help manage our obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations, and to fulfil our WEEE and Batteries obligations for relevant electrical / electronic products placed on the market.